"Great Divide"


Great Divide
written & performed by: Hanson

The earth is shaking under siege
And every breath will meet its fate
Still we hunger for a moment of freedom
Even though the hour is late

I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don't see
I find hope in your hate for me

Have no fear when the waters rise
We can conquer this great divide
This great divide
When every eye is on the fortune
It can only breed contempt
They say blood is thicker than oceans
Still we box our brothers in

I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don't see
I find hope in your hate for me
Have no fear when the waters rise
We can conquer this great divide
This great divide

Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo

And we're gone, and we're gone
And we're gone, and we're gone
And we're, holding on
And we're, holding on

I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don't see
I find hope in your hate for me
Have no fear when the waters rise
We can conquer this great divide
This great divide

Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo

[(Tuesday) 20th March 2007  |  04:49pm]
im 70 percent sure im going to boston, mass. for memorial day weekend.
okay, im going to new york like i planned originally.
This Great Divide

bitch i go so hard [(Tuesday) 13th March 2007  |  05:11pm]
last night went to brandon's with ang & sam.
had a lot of fun.
met brandon's bf, total cutie.
played flippy cup with frank brandon jeff ang & sam.
smoked some pot.
laughed a lot.
which was very much needed.
thank you guys.

today since it was so nice.
i walked to work
yea, believe it bitches.
i got off my fat ass and walked 45 minutes to work.
it was so well worth it.
i feel so much more energized.
although i felt like a retard walking down 13 mile alone with my headphones on jamming to hanson haha.

and after work i wanna go roller skating
cause i did that yesterday and it was grand.
although i would much rather have roller blades, instead of skates.
it was still a ton of fun =]

i wish spring would come so i could walk around and be athletic
and actually LOSE some weight instead of gaining it all !!!!!!

[(Thursday) 8th March 2007  |  12:40pm]
taylor hanson is good for the, no wait, my soulCollapse )
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dont be suprised if she ass where da caysh at [(Sunday) 4th March 2007  |  11:49pm]

fuck yea lil wayne.
playing guitar.
This Great Divide

[(Sunday) 4th March 2007  |  08:58am]
im getting ready to leave for seeing my brother.
it's been like a month or so.
and it seems like longer.

my dad's aunt carmel died =[
she was a real nice caring lady.
my cousin's arent taking it very well, seeing as she was their grandma.

im really excited for the following two weeks.
here's my plan =]

a. hang out with brandon & ang A LOT.
cause i miss seeing their faces.
and i need a really good laugh.
just to lift my spirits a bit.
plus. i love them tons.
This Great Divide

isnt that what it's all about. [(Thursday) 1st March 2007  |  06:45pm]
so as most of you know, yesterday was my birthday =]

here's what i got:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
from tony =]
and i <3 it!
and i <3 him =D

i also got three bottles of ketchup from nicki at work.
50 bucks from all the girls =]
50 bucks from my mother which i bought a new iTrip since mine broke.
flowers from carrie =]
i gots cake too.
and liz & suzanne gave me 25 bucks to DSW and i bought some cold ass shoes.
they are tommy hilfiger.
they're pretty much banging sweet. =]

all in all
my bday was grand.

thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday =D
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happy birthday kirsten [(Tuesday) 27th February 2007  |  12:59am]
[ | happy ]

i've been on a hanson - the walk binge the past oh i dont know.
week or two.. anyways.

here's some of my favorit lines from songs =]

In A Way
"Love is only what you give up.
Life isn't what you get.
Love won't always fill your cup.
Life's when you start to live.
Life's when you learn to give."
(okay i realize that's like a bridge, but work with me please)

"'Look into my eyes' I told her"

The Walk
"And slowly he moves, but so elegantly"

Been There Before
"And a back beat rhythm on the radio"

Running Man
"And I just lost my cool
Feeling so sane"

well i like this whole damn song! but.
"I never thought I’d want to let you go"

Fire on the Mountain
"live, learn, life, love, die, dust, gone."

One More
"A dream of better days
That’s long gone by the way"

Blue Sky
"I’m blind with eyes wide open
My body’s tired & broken
I want a taste of something that doesn’t leave me dry"

Tearing It Down
"I’m not a wise man
But I see the haze
And this is what I’m gonna do"

Something Going Round
"Are you hungry, won’t you come get your fill"

& last but of course not least.

Your Illusion
"I don’t know why you’re holding on
To the damage that’s been done"

gotta love those damn hanson boys =]

today i took tony to get our couples massage at Imago Salon & Spa.
that's off of 23 mile, just fyi.
anyways, it was my first time also getting one.
and i LOVED it.
it felt so damn good!
a fleet of vessels made of wood so they won't rust.
i dont want to work all day tomorrow
but my bday is on wednesday =]
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into the ocean [(Friday) 23rd February 2007  |  01:19pm]
end it all.

so the new hanson cd.
i loooove it.

good job boys.
although i do have one thing i dont really like about it.
Zac sings most of the songs, good for him
but for some reason it just doesnt feel like a Hanson album.
but when i hear the songs Taylor sings it's a hanson cd to me.

can't wait to see them
my birthday is in 5 days =]

maria forgot all about the coffee and she came up here.
(yes im at work)
going to see 23 tonight.
hopefully Jim Carrey impresses me =]
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took this from becca [(Tuesday) 20th February 2007  |  03:37pm]
Create your own Friend Test here
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[(Monday) 19th February 2007  |  09:43am]
i'm sorry that i havent told you lately that:
i love you more than anyone.
i miss you a tons.
im here when you need to talk.
you're doing a great job.
you're beautiful.
girls like you are a dime a dozen.

but i do love you & miss you.
and im sorry that ive been such a horrible person
cause im not trying to ignore you.
im trying to give you space for your studies.
i just wish that you would call me once here & there.
cause i'd like to see how youre doing.
and i think it's time for me & you to get back on track.
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i never thought i'd want to let you go [(Tuesday) 13th February 2007  |  06:35pm]
[ | determined ]

i fucking hate the snow.
it's so lammmme.
it only looks pretty when you aren't in it.

although this is good cuddling weather =]

my bday is coming up.
and yes im wayy excited.
im getting some tattoos.
i also am REALLY excited for Tony's bday present cause it's awesome!
and i can't wait to see what he thinks of it =]

brandon silva is a whore =D
gotta love that slut.

that was random but i had to say it =]

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idk what it is these days, but zac is killing me !! eek! [(Sunday) 11th February 2007  |  12:27pm]
[ | content ]

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closer to me [(Saturday) 27th January 2007  |  01:13pm]
[ | calm ]

let me complain just for a bit.
its not that i dont like money, because just like everyone else.
i do. trust me, i love spending spending spending.
it's the fact that i have to work EVERYDAY for the next month.
and i dont even get a day off besides sunday.
and sunday doesnt even count cause thats god's day.

if you want to piss me off, give me not enough hours.
dont not have someone ready to fill in the receptionist position
the week we really need one.
im one person
i cant do it all alone.
working a 10 hour day, and another 8 hour day
on top of my already 8 hour day, 5 hour day and my two 7 hour days.
i cant work 50 hours plus a week
i just cant.

going on though.
being as jamie is preggers
i have been in a baby naming mood.
i came up with a bunch of names.
i dont want to say anything
for the fear that someone will take these well thought out marvoulous names.
i have two awesome boy names and one amazing girl name.

i had this really crazy dream last night.
i felt like i was in saw.
my lip was pierced on the bottom right side for some reason
and i was messing with the stud that was in there.
the stud came loose and so i took it out of my mouth.
then all of a sudden my mouth was bleeding uncontrolably.
it was kinda weird.
the lighting in my dream was the exact same lighting as in the saw movies.
ya know the dirty green tinted light. yea.
and did you know.
the guy that plays adam in saw wrote all the saw's. AND has an accent!!!!
just some food for thought i suppose.
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[(Wednesday) 3rd January 2007  |  01:18pm]
so im in mexico right now. and these computers are kinda hard to figure out snce there are so many extra keys.
i miss my friends dearly but im having a blast.
im not even tan tho which is sad. we didnt get to go to the beach for very long but we're going this weekend.
i'll be home monday so keep your week open for pearl time!!!
besides all the hanging out i need to catch up on its back to the basics.
work, pot, mario kart.
just the thought of seeing suzanne again is kind of disgusting.
hmm yea gross.

but the money will be nice since i dont have much to spend cause of all my friggen bills. oh well i'll live.
okay. be home on the 8th.
clal me then bitches.
after midnight k thnx bye.
This Great Divide

[(Thursday) 21st December 2006  |  12:49am]
[ | satisfied ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the underlined green part is where im going to be for the next 18 days.
and im gonna miss a lot of people no doubt.

but i get to see my family and my cousin Berto!!! yayness!

im gonna be missing:
baby mario + wario
mike d & tara
ang & pot.

so when i get back lets have a party and play lots and lots of mario kart!

on a more exciting note!!
i got my zelda game today!!!!!!!!
i loove looove looove it.
i've played about an hour and a half of it and its awesome.
yay for older link!
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<3 [(Monday) 11th December 2006  |  09:37am]
Well if you're ever lonely you can call on me
and I'll be here for you all you've got to do is call
said I'm always waiting here for you all you've got to do
is keep on trying till your call gets through

And for so many years I have been your friend
we've been through everything time and time again
but I want you to know that I still believe in you
all you've got to do is keep on trying till your call get's through

Well if you're ever lonely you can call on me
and I'll be here for you all you've got to do is call
said I'm always waiting here for you all you've got to do
is keep on trying till your call gets through

you got to keep trying even though the road gets hard
you got to keep going on even though he broke your heart
and if you ever need a friend I will be here for you
all you've got to do is keep on trying till your call gets through
This Great Divide

cause im stuck here underneath [(Wednesday) 6th December 2006  |  10:30am]
[ | groggy ]

and you make it hard to breath.

anywho. i finally got my ticket for Mexico!!
Tony and i are flying seperately on the way there EEK!
but on the way back, we're on the same flight and
we're even sitting by eachother haha.

my dad tried to be cool and buy a 735 dollar ticket for the both of us but the price went up to almost 1700 when my dad went to purchase Tony's.
i told my dad that he couldnt do it but if you know my dad
you kow how stubborn he is and how he doesnt listen to anyone.

but whatever. at least we're going.
im so excited to see my gram!!! i havent seen her in AGES!
aaaaaaaaaaaand i cant wait to see my cousin Roberto!
i <3 him tons!

so christmas and the new year at grams in sunny mexico.
a nice hot winters day.

im a little sad though, this is the first new years i wont be spending with ang in 11 years!
holy hell. i wish ang could come with me. i think she would love mexico.

so i think, after a long process of thinking.
im gonna see if Lee wants to move out with me.
i already talked to her a bit about it and she seems pretty positive.
so we'll see how that goes :) !!!!!
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[(Monday) 4th December 2006  |  01:31am]
i wish you knew how much this hurts.
This Great Divide

have no fear when the waters rise [(Sunday) 3rd December 2006  |  10:22pm]
so i just got a ticket at hayes and common rd. in roseville.
i was going 47 in a 35. (125 dollars) hm nice eh?

so i've decided that i am going to raise money for AIDS research in South Africa.
my goal is 1000 dollars, and if i raise money the way i have been i should be okay.

i leave for mexico in less then a month.
im really excited.
i cant wait for the warm weather&beaches.

i cant believe its already december.
im pumped for the new zelda game coming to gamecube in 10 days.
thats a must buy right there.
older link is hawt!Collapse )
hahah. im a lame ass i know.

the best things in life, are free..
actually believe it or not, they arent.
k thnx.
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they say blood is thicker than oceans [(Tuesday) 28th November 2006  |  10:52pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i know not everyone in the world loves hanson the way i do.
but if you download this song off iTunes, all the money that this song makes is going to research for AIDS. the song is called Great Divide
even if you dont like hanson, please download this song for the cause.
you'll be doing something good, and everyone needs something good once in a while.
just think of the cause please
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every breath will meet its fate [(Sunday) 26th November 2006  |  11:50am]
[ | moody ]

end is gone, end is gone.
am i holding on? am i holding on? am i holding on?

there are only a few things that cheer me up these days.
hanson is ranking number one.
i think its great i can always count on them.
it truely is all about the music.
give me a desserted island, an outlet, a radio, an iPod, and clear skies with a little bit of sunshine.
i'll live in pure bliss i swear.

i want to move out so bad.
but i know i dont have the money to.
and i know i wont for a while.
so next summer is my goal.
i already found a house to live.
and im moving out on my own.
no baggage is needed.
im leaving everything behind, besides hanson of course.
my life wouldn't be complete without them.
and if anyone needs to find me.
i'll contact you.
i dont want to get hurt again.
i dont think
i know i could take it a second time.
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[(Friday) 24th November 2006  |  08:02pm]
i've been doing a lot of reading, of people that is, lately and this is what i came up with.
people need to grow the fuck up.
not everything is going to be about you.

besides a few things in my life right now
i've been very stressed.
i had a breakdown today.
lovely eh?
yea i'd say so.

i need to change a few things, and i've been trying
but there is something that wont let me in.
and i dont think im going to be able to break down that wall.
so that saddens me a lot but i dont know what else to do.
i make efforts and what not, but i keep getting shut down and out.

2007, a lot of things are going to change.
maybe for the better, maybe for the worst.
but i know one thing.
im not going to regret one single decision thats for sure.

no day but today.

we can conquer this great divide [(Monday) 20th November 2006  |  11:41pm]
[ | ecstatic ]

lemme just say i love hanson.

here's what i've been up to:
1. work
2. work
3. work

this weekend i went to canada for brandon's 19th.
it was a lot of fun.
i met chuck who is cooler than cool.

im so looking forward to:
a vacation (god knows i need one)
missy coming home (cause i miss that bitch)
baby mario & wario + mike d & tara baby
spending more time with ang & brandon & others.

i find hope and it gives me rest.
i find hope in a beating chest.
i find hope in what eyes dont see.
i find hope in war, pray for me.

still we hunger for a moment of freedomCollapse )
This Great Divide

[(Wednesday) 15th November 2006  |  11:12am]
happy birthday brandon michael silva!
<3 Pearl Argelia Feola.
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bad ideas like this [(Sunday) 29th October 2006  |  11:13am]
Me, Jamie, Nickie, Erin, Lisa Marie, Christine, Emily, & Jackie
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
pics from em's partyCollapse )
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hair, facials, waxing, & nails [(Thursday) 26th October 2006  |  05:47pm]
so my parents have been gone a little shy of a week now and its been good.
havent really been doing anything
just cleaning and what not
went out to dinner once this week.
i havent talked to brandon in what seems like forever but im sure hes doing fine
hes extremely busy with that play hes stage managing i know.
Ang and I are going to H&M tomorrow. im really excited about that.
we need some alone time for sure plus i wanna talk to her about a few things anyways.

today is Ashlee Marie Owens' birthday so i just wanna say

tony got a job at UPS thats wayy exciting. he works midnights tho.
but still, the money is so well worth working 8 hour days.

a lot of things are going on right now.
i feel like im VERY busy but im not.
i need to get cracking on my sociology project tho.
since it seems, out of four of us, im the only one doing anything.
thanks bunches kids.

also brandon micheal's birthday is coming up VERY VERY soon.
im wayy excited to go to Canada and get CRUNNK! woo baby.

mexico couldn't have come quick enough, seriously.
i am so excited for the warm weather and the mother effing beach bitches!
plus im excited to see my grandma and all the rest of my family i havent seen in over 7 years.
le sigh.

im oot.
gotta get back to work.
call me if you get bored kids.
im here til 8
This Great Divide

its filled with lots of money. [(Saturday) 21st October 2006  |  09:51am]
went to Adult. last night and it was awsome as usual!
like last time, the opening bands were blah.
but Adult. kicked some major ass.

they played pressure suit!!!!!!
i was soo excited. and so was brandon.
pictures to come later, maybe within the next few days.
cause im kinda busy for a little.
party tonight.
wish you were there if you arent going haha.
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they say its your birthday [(Tuesday) 17th October 2006  |  12:37pm]
happy effing birthday angela kathleen natschke.
finally your ass is 21.
This Great Divide

ive been watching. [(Monday) 16th October 2006  |  04:10pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

FSU 2006Collapse )
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[(Saturday) 7th October 2006  |  04:21pm]
[ | headach ]

coming up to ferris was probably one of the best ideas i've had in a long time.
at first i didnt want to come but i am so glad i did!!
i've already met so many new people who are fucking amazing and if i didnt come i wouldn't have met them!
im glad that these people exist!!!
we dont leave until tomorrow but im having a blast.

brandon and i almost died on the way here lol.
i went like 70 around a bend that was meant to be taken at 25mph.
needless to say we're okay and we're alive and blah blah blah.

went to a party last night and i got WASSSSTTTEDDD it was hilarious!
threw up but its all good cause it felt good.
cried some after...dont wanna talk about that.
got to see Tyler tho!!! yayness!
i missed him oh so muchhhh.

i miss tony tons tho im not gonna lie.
i cant help but feel horrible for coming up here.
but idk... i dont even know...
he's amazing and i love him tons.
idk what to think anymore tho...

dont know whats going on tonight.
but i hope it gets my mind off a few things...
dont feel like worrying tonight again.

pictures to come when i get home niggas!

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im a fan of vauge [(Tuesday) 3rd October 2006  |  10:29am]
[ | ecstatic ]

upcoming things im wayyy pumped for!

ang's bday present
(this one im really super pumped about).
my parents leaving.
em's holloween party.
my holloween party.
my friggen costume!!!
brandon's bday present.

and the best one of all bitches!!
this may dissapoint some of you but....
for christmas and new years im going to mexico!!!!!!
i seriously cant wait.
i havent seen my family in like 7 years.
talk about a REAL partyyy.

but dont worry friends.
you will get your xmas gifts before i leave.
so dont get too sad.
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crazy over you and me. [(Friday) 22nd September 2006  |  12:00pm]
[ | busy ]

busy busy busy, thats what i've been up to lately.
oh not to mention work work and more work.

but soon i will have a little vaca in a few weeks.
brandon michael and i are going up to ferris.
i am wayyyy excited cause i'll actually get a tiny taste of the college life.
im sad that im gonna be missing the homecoming game for cousino tho :(
but then again, id rather be getting shit faced lol.

school is lame. im getting lazy and havent been going.
eek! i need to get my shit together.

saving money has been good.
i hope to move out very very soon.
and at this point i dont even care where i move to
as long as i dont live with my parents anymore.

this weekend is going to be a very busy one.
but i need to see my brandon soon.
and i wanna hang out with ang too.
cause i miss those kids.

going to see jackass 2 tonight.
so that will should be fun.

monday im making dinner for three boys and hopefully ang will come also :)

This Great Divide

every word i say [(Tuesday) 12th September 2006  |  10:53am]
[ | dirty ]

so i love how its been a little over a month since the salon hired danielle
(the bitch that got my hours cut cause she thought she was better than me)
anyways, suzanne called me yesterday and asked if i could come into work
i didnt want to but i need the money so i did.
i think its hilarious that suzanne already hired another receptionist
because she doesnt know if danielle is coming back or not.

i've been there 10 months and this is the 4th receptionist i have sat through.
its fucking rediculous. that place has only been open a year and a half
and they have gone through like 13 receptionist. no joke.
im the only one that has made it past two months.

so basically, my work schedule has changed yet again.
monday: off
tuesday: 12-8
wednesday: 3-8
thursday: 3-8
friday: 9-4
every other saturday: 9-4

so we'll see how long this new girl lasts.

other than that....
everything has been semi okay.
there are things that i think could be better
and some things i dont want them to change.
i've had a ton of things on my mind lately.
and right now its hard to handle everthing
especially school and work.
i just feel like work is making everything so stressfull
and its not really helping my moods much either.

You feel like liberation
You give me new sensation
You show me what I need and
You are my life completed

Can’t stop, can’t break, who’s driving?
Sometimes there’s no denying
Till today I feel I can’t lose
I’m letting go of what I knew

I want you for always
I hear your name in every word I say
I’m a fool and I don’t care
I hear your name in every word I say

Before you I was only
What I let control me
You are a revolution
Against my own conclusions
Till today I feel I can’t lose
I’m letting go of what I knew

I want you for always
I hear your name in every word I say
I’m a fool and I don’t care
I hear your name in every word I say

And now I say goodbye to the way I used to be
There is no room for question
Cause your name it sets me free
Yesterday’s troubles harm me
Today’s are creeping in
So let go of the world around me
Cause your love is all I need

I want you for always
I hear your name in every word I say
I’m a fool and that’s okay
I hear your name in every word I say

I want you for always
I hear your name in every word I say
I’m a fool and I don’t care
I hear your name in every word I say

Every word I say
Every word I say
In every word I say

I hear your name in every word I say
I hear your name in every word I say
I hear your name in every word I say
I hear your name well all I hear is your name
All I hear is your name
All I hear is your name
And no one can take it away
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[(Sunday) 10th September 2006  |  03:08pm]
[ | crushed ]

if this is how its going to be
and what its going to come down to
then i dont know if i can handle it.

its not that im all against it, way to go
but seriously

if i could write down everything i feel about this situation
and make it make sense then i would.
but no one will understand what im trying to say.

all i ask for is a person who actually cares enough to listen and not judge.
but thats hard to find now-a-days.

thank you, my boys, for always being there and never leaving me.

im done.
its over.
i cant.
This Great Divide

i love sitting at work doing NOTHING! [(Tuesday) 29th August 2006  |  05:31pm]
[ | happy ]

holy hell is school kicking my ass already!
i havent even been in class for a full week and i need a fucking break!
i think its the fact that i still have yet to get all my books.
and i dont have money for it.
i have so much going on it feels like
and i feel like i cant breath.
december 14th cant come fast enough.

i saw ang's car today in the parking lot
so i left her a note on her car
i knew it would brighten her day :)
well i hope it did.

i think that my political science class is gonna be good.
the teacher is friggen awesome.
and i actually have someone i know in my class for once.
actually three people.
some kid that was in my math class last semester
a kid that was in my history class last semester
and mark smak.

::and scene::
This Great Divide

what a crazyyyyy time we all live in eh? [(Friday) 25th August 2006  |  12:20am]
[ | bored ]

so school has come to a start.
first day of classes was yesterday.
english - uhm im the only "sophomore" in the fucking class.
i love feshies.
sociology - well i bought the wrong book, and i have to spend 20 more dollers on the right one, there are bitches in my class.
but all in all, it went rather well.

today was my first day of political science.
mind you i start classes monday through thursday at eight o'clock sharpe.
i set my alarm for 645a.m. so i can leave by 740a.m.
i wake up this morning and its 840a.m.
by the time i get to the college its 915a.m.
there was no wayy i was going to walk into my class an hour and a half late.
thats rude, and no.
so i didnt get to go to my second day of school and my first day of my tuesday thursday classes.

yea i know i suck.

good news tho!!
instead of working tuesdays 12-8 and fridays 9-4 and every other saturday 9-4 i get to add on a thursday shift from 330-8!
thats more money for me!!!! yay.

brandon and i found a house in ferndale that we want to move into.
its wayyyyyy fucking cute.
the lady that is renting it out is coming home from vacation tomorrow
which means....
brandon and i are planning on meeting with her so we can get this show on the road.

so many things to look forward to these next few months. im wayy excited.
1. taking the walk
2. this awesome cute house nigga!
3. ladytron
4. adult.
5. she wants revenge

ugh so much good stufffff
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this fall is gonna be amazing. [(Sunday) 20th August 2006  |  05:53pm]
[ | ecstatic ]

taking the walk is coming. and im pumped.
a few new songs (hopefully lol)
new style.
new tour.
new places.
new everything!

this will definitely bring us together again.
and that my love is something that i think is worth waiting for.
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promise me [(Monday) 14th August 2006  |  03:22pm]
[ | blah ]

a few things to say.
A) brandon and i got piercings yesterday.
i got my monroe, and brandon got his rook.
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forgive me because i look rediculous.

B)im getting a sidekick 3 today.

C)starting next week i work 2-3 days a week.
uhm wtf. thats 15-21 hours.
idk about you but i need rent money ass hole.
how the fuck does anyone expect me to live on that???
okay, and scene.
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[(Saturday) 12th August 2006  |  10:24am]
[ | pissed off ]

1st of all.
no. im not even going to comment on your entry. all i will say is you dont know what happened that night so dont even jump to conclusions. and that you're the one that was sitting on the computer (like you always do) all emo, i was hoping to enjoy myself too. i wanted to have fun with you.

2nd of all.
i want to fucking kill suzanne because she makes me feel like shit, ALL THE TIME.
why cant she just say hello to me when i walk in the door instead of "what are you doing here?" fuck you you stupid cunt whore.


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i want to push you around [(Wednesday) 9th August 2006  |  10:46am]
[ | busy ]

so michelle and brian's wedding was a friggen blast.
i seriously never had so much fun with a bunch of older people.
we got our hurrs and make up did at hair 2 dare.
jackie best did my hair and ang's and lisa marie did our make up.
ang looked amazing in her dress and her hair looked fabulous.
my hair looked pretty sweet if i do say so myself.
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yea we're hot hot hot.

michelle and brian left for their honeymoon sunday morning
ang, brandon, tony, and i have been at the house since.
it's a nice thing cause it kinda feels like we all live together.
which just makes me wanna move out even sooner.

i havent seen lisa and steve in a long time.
i was thinking about calling them tonight when i get off work to hang for a bit.
im so exhausted and working a 10 hour day isnt helping.
its just that i havent worked more than 5 hours in a long time
it's killing me lol.

well things have been going great lately which is amazing.
i really hope everything stays this great.
great friends, great boyfriend.
life is great lol.
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fingerprinted waiting for the train. [(Friday) 4th August 2006  |  07:25am]
[ | excited ]

august 4th. wow how time flies by.
today is michelle and brian's wedding day.
it seriously feels like i just met michelle yesterday.
i can't believe michelle is finally getting married.
im seriously getting old. lol.

getting my hurr did, make up done, and partyyyy.
wayyyy excited.

tomorrow OG with ang and her mom and a bunch of others. wayy excited about that also.

well there we go, im done updating.

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sometimes things are better left unsaid. [(Monday) 31st July 2006  |  11:40am]
[ | enough ]

so the summer is slowly, actually quite quickly, coming to an end.
a lot has happened, a lot hasnt.

the other day someone asked me what i looked for in a boyfriend.
this is what i told them:
someone who is honest about anything and everything. someone who makes me laugh, knows how to have a good time. gets along with my friends, and i theirs. a lover not a fighter. a guy that doesnt lie because i hate liers, cant stand them. someone who is faithful in everything. a boy who makes me feel special, because god knows i havent had that feeling in a lifetime. a guy that doesnt make me look like a fool, because i'll just make them look like an idiot in the end. and of course someone who loooves to cuddle.

i think that was a pretty good discription if i do say so myself.

i work in a few and i dont want to.
theres a lot more things im dying to say right now but i cant find the words.

me & matt f. are setting up a play date. im excited, cause i havent seen him in AGES!!!!!!
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clearly im in a great mood. [(Tuesday) 25th July 2006  |  10:02am]
this year isnt turning out to be half bad.
i've met a ton of new people who i love!
timmy, lt, brian, rob, & tony <3 who is amazing!
and of course, kept the best of my friends.
honestly i dont know what i would do without you. you're like my fucking life. i love you so much, and you mean a figgen lot to me baby girl!!! thank you for everything you do for me. thanks for keeping me sane, and thank you for being you. these past 10-11 years have been the best <3333
you mister! you mean the world to me. you always spend the most useless time with me. thank you for that. and thank you for keeping me in my place and telling me whats up. i wouldnt be who i am witout you. we have so many good laughs that i will cherish forever until the day i die.
i love you oh so much. you are amazing, and a very tallented, beautiful girl. you have so much going for you. you're gonna make a difference in the world. im so glad we became friends, we have good talks and agree on so many things. you're my girlfriend forever and always <3
you're such a great guy, very giving and understanding. we've had some great memories and a bunnch more to come thats for damn sure! we're gonna grow old still being friends, because i wouldnt have it any other way. thank you for everything and for just being silly michael!

im way excited for up north because
a) i've never been to a place where i can see the stars so clearly.
b) i'll be with my ang & brandon :)
c) i need a break from work.
d) i just need a break period.

i still have a lot to do before this summer is over, but im not worried about it.
im not excited for school to start thats for damn sure, but whatev.
my brother comes home in less than 4 months!!!!
that will prolly be the 2nd highlight of my life :0)
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a little bit of ranting you may want to read. [(Thursday) 20th July 2006  |  11:55am]
[ | angry ]

okay so we're in the process of getting a new receptionist at work.
this girl that they hired wants 30-35 hours a week.
the salon is only opened for 50 hours.
that means...:
pearl gets less hours (15-20 a week)
and in a way gets paid less.

suzanne thinks its a good idea to pay me half under the table and half check.
yes i'll be making 10 more dollars but 10 dollars now a days does absolutely NOTHING!

im trying to move out, i have bills to pay, i have things to buy.
idk what this girl's living situation is but what the fuck!
idk about you guys, but shouldnt i have seniority here, since i've been here longer than any receptionist that they've had thus far?
i've worked here 8 long agonizing months.
i do a damn good job.
i dont need to get payed less for the shit i do.
i dont even get paid enough now as it is.

so here's their ultimatum:
either a) i get paid more for working less b) this girl works around my schedule and what i want or i quit
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only one or two will last [(Friday) 14th July 2006  |  11:08am]
[ | pissed off ]

im so fucking pissed cause i woke up late for work again.
i seriously dont get it.
i woke up at 650 and then i was like oh wow i have another hour sweet.
then i didnt wake up until Christine called me at 903 and was like "are you coming in?"
so i asked her what time it was and was like i'll be there in like 5.
i think i need a fucking fog horn alarm clock. cause this is getting rediculous.

other than that.
yesterday brandon and i went to look at the appartments at 14 & schoenherr again.
but this time we looked at a two bedroom. 650 a month. idk.
but we decided that we're gonna be out of our houses by Aug 27th. woo.
the land lord so thought me and brandon were dating. haha. it was great.
i started my paper for art, and my collage.
i think im gonna work on them today, after i shower since i didnt get to this morning!
and do some laundry cause i need clothes for this weekened to wear.
i have ashlee's grad party on saturday and kirsten's dad's surprise party the same day.
and then im staying the night at michelle and brian's.
and sunday is my day to play catch up, if i havent finished my homework.
which reminds me, i have a test to study for.

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[(Monday) 10th July 2006  |  02:11pm]
[ | productive ]

picnics are fun.Collapse )

canada was a fucking blast.
except the fact that a freaking asain touched my face, within the five minutes i was there. it was a little creepy im not gonna lie.
im really pumped to go back.

i hope this week goes by fast, cause im ready for another good weekend.

i went to the effing dentist today and the higenious killed my teeth.
they seriously hurt a lot. i cant bite cause of it.
thats it, im going to court.
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waking up this morning thinking this can't be real, but they say there is nothing love can't heal [(Saturday) 8th July 2006  |  09:56am]
[ | tired ]

last night:
hung out with michael, tara, mikey, brandon, and tony.
watched running scared ; good movie btw.
went to the butterfly, they rode go-karts while i watched
then we played billiards, and then went to coney's.
i didnt hang out with ang like i was supposed to.
i feel horrible, as i should. but i'm gonna make it up to her.
cause the best sex, is make up sex ha.

going to canada with brandon for family thing.
and we're getting drunk cause we're going to the bars or whatev.

hanging out with ashlee marie and i plan on hanging with ang also.
i havent seen ash in sooo long, i seriously forgot what her voice sounded like.
thats kinda scary. well i think so anyways.

differnt note:
i think its hilarious that my curfew is midnight and i stroll in at 2 almost every night.
my mom doesnt care which is cool
my dad is asleep by the time i get home so he never notices ha.
i need to start my paper for my art class.
so i think im gonna rent frieda and watch it with people.
i need to watch it at least twice.
and then i need to start my collage.
im excited for that.
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you cant give something you aint got. [(Wednesday) 5th July 2006  |  01:06pm]
[ | happy ]

i have been itching to hear this damn song all week last week.
and now its finally on!!!! woo for michelle branch!

so my fourth of july four day weekend was a good one.
i did a lot of drinking.
a lot of texting.
a lot of online talking.
a lot of hanging with brandon and ang.
it was seriously one of the best weekends i've had in a long time.
i made a few new friends which is always good.
you can never get enough of those heh.
i was really surprised, cause i didnt see that many fireworks last night.
but i had a good time nonetheless.
Rob is effing hilarious.
LT is crazy, i love his dad!!
Tim & Brian are funny, i love watching them fight!
Tony is amazing :)

im excited cause i get to take bottle returns back today.
there is a good 20+ dollars my dad and his pals drank.

i hope this week is as good as the weekend was :)
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i keep feeling strong enough to break. [(Saturday) 1st July 2006  |  09:05pm]
[ | pensive ]

its been awhile since i've felt a little bit interested in someone like this.
but its nothing that can work out since you're interested in someone else :/
i'll just take my own advice and move on i suppose...
eventhough i dont want to. cause i think you're an awesome kid.

so im going with brandon next weekend to canada cause his cousin can get him into any club or whatev. im wayy excited.
brandon and i are almost ready to move the hell out.
we'll we're ready mentally and emotionally but phsycally... eh.
brandon is making big bucks this week and last. so way to go you boo!

i cant wait to get my check for this past week
i need moooney!!!!!

aug 17th-21st ang and i, and others are going to NYC
im wayy excited. i effing miss that place.
i cant wait to move there.
that will be the best time of my lifee.
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four day weekends [(Friday) 30th June 2006  |  02:17pm]
[ | silly ]

im so pumped for this effing holiday.
i officially love the 4th.
it gives me a four day weekend from work. woo!!!
i am completely free!! for the next four days.
well maybe. haha.
if you want to make plans with me call me bitches.

i plan on doing alot this weekend.
like getting some sun..
this mexi needs to look like one.
effin a cotten!

i plan on hanging out with stacey and kirsten maybe hopfully. cause i havent seen them in AGES!

i've been waiting to hear "are you happy now" by michelle branch at work for what seems like ages and guess what. no luck yet, but i've heard fucking nick's song a million times.
guess what loser face. no one cares that you and jessica simpson arent together anymore! gosh!

here's my secret
i miss the old you :(

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