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holy whoa

its been a really long time since i wrote in this thing, i completely for it was around still.
not too much has chaged really. just a few things im looking forward to in the upcoming weeks.

1. my birthday bash on the 28th at jager castle south of hall on gratiot.
2. going to see ashlinka and spending some days with lc and her for taylor's birthday.
shopping in toronto should be fun :)
3. going to tulsa, oklahoma for the members only event and of course to hang with muh boys :)
i miss them so much im having hanson withdrawls lol.
4. and of course SUMMER i srsly am dying for windows down jamming to hanson.

sadly my birthdays dont count anymore.... 22 isnt a really fun age i guess. but im making the best of it :)
i just wish everyone i wanted there could be there :(
it will still be fun tho cause tara and kate are gonna be there :D
and of course lc!!!!!
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