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an update for lj land

well i have been moved out for about a week now.
im still trying to get my things situated though.
it's nice to come home to quite (most of the time) and just hang out with pals til whenever.
i didnt bring lulla belle or mackenzie yet tho =[
i know they miss me cause when i go back to my PARENTS house they're all over me haha.
once we get rid or dikota i will be bringing the girls over here to stay.

we still have a bunch of stuff we wanna do like paint.
but as of now we're just getting used to the fact that it's our house.

i like being on my own so far lmao.
i know it's gonna be a bit hard cause of the bills and what not.

other than moving i've been working.

im going to chicago at the end of next month to see hanson
and i will also be going to ATL to see them in october.
so im excited cause i get to see my favorite tour girls ever!
ATL should be a hella good time. we're flying to FL i believe and then going with lauren (aka wawa) to georgia (you know that you've been on my mind!).

alright off to work to make the money to pay the bills.
text me anyone cause im sure i will be bored.
holla <3
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