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and already it's been a trip to remember.

as of right now there are about 9 people in this hotel room lol.

here's how my trip has gone thus far.
we (ash, lindsey & i) drove to cleveland to meet with juls.
it takes about 3 hrs to get there. we made it in 2.
i was doing like 90-95 on the expressway.

from cleveland we stopped at the air port to pick up mu new friend Shay.
and then from there we headed out on the road again.

we made it to NYC in like 9 hours.
since we didnt have a hotel monday night we spent the night on the streets of times square.
i kid you not. along with 30 other people.
we waited in line at virgin mega store for them to open at 9am.
we were sitting outside on a tarp from 1030pm-9am the next day
yea there are a TON of crazy ass people in times square at night.
and im not talking about the bums and what not.
totally drunk ass mofos.
there was a creepy french guy.
a group of kids that were break dance fighting.
three scottish guys that were fucking hilarious.
i got many videos of them lol.

after all that jazz.
they FINALLY opened the friggen mega store.

for those of you who dont know
we were waiting in line because Hanson's album came out today, well last night at 12pm
but if you were to get the cd this morning they would give you wrist bands for thier special performance and autograph signing they are having tonight at 7.
needless to say i was like 5th in line or so.

they opened the store and i got my wrist band and cd.
after that we headed to some other building where Hanson was performing on fox 2.
we couldnt hear or see much of that.
we waited for them to come outside of the building to get pics of them.

and i did better than get pics of them.
i got pics WITH them.
and just me, taylor, me, ike, and me, and zac
the pics came out super well.
considering the fact that i hadnt showered in more than a day and my hair was a friggen mess and greasy as shit.
zac was the nicest (of course) and then came ike and then tay.
but taylor looked AMAZING in the pics that i got of him, and the one of me and him.

now im waiting for juls to wake up to head back to nyc since we're staying in new jersey since it is cheaper.
all the other girls left. and went out to lunch and what not.

and now i wait for the autograph signing and tomorrow is the show! i am SO SUPER pumped!!!!!
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