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isnt itfunny how things can just make a complete 360 in life.

it's okay for you to do these things but when someone else (aka me) "does" it, god forbid, the world is over!
no one will hear anything out of me because im not like that.

im not an "at your convenience" kind of person.
just so that's clear.

im so happy for ang cause she is finally moving on with her life!
way to go ang!!!!!

im leaving for new york monday (the 23rd) night =]
first im driving to ohio to meet up with juls =D
i miss her so so much!!!
i think it's me and lindsey alone. but not too sure.
reguarless its gonna be a friggen good ass hanson time =D

from ohio we're going to NYC!
we're staying at a beach house (last time i checked)
which is good cause that's less money on a hotel.
i have my ticket and im good to go!


im FINALLY moving out at the end of this month.
im wayy to excited about that.
but until then

im stuck at home and working with liz & suzanne the two biggest fakest people bitches i know.
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