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one more night in hollywood

so i've been pretty proud of myself lately lol.
i've gone running & played tennis two days in a row now.
today will make it three =]
im glad that i like to run and play tennis cause  ang is the only other person i know that likes to do that too and it's good cause i get to see her a lot more that means =D

so liz is not working today =]
and suzanne wont be in at all tomorrow =D
how did we get so lucky you ask?
beats me, but i'm lovin it.

work gave me a .50 cent raise after they thought i was going to quit lol.
so that's cool cause .50 cents is better than nothing i guess.

moving out in less then a month so pumped.
me and tony are going to paint sweet colors.

i got my new phone and sold my sidekick to lindsey.
im sure she's having a blast with that lol.
but i absolutely love love love my new phone
it's cute, small, and friggen loud which is good.
&&&& i can make my own ringtones, loving that.

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