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christine is washing her hair.

i have a bad feeling in my stomach.
and it makes me kind of worried.

i've been working my ass of lately, but it's weird cause i've been working just the same hours as usual. i just feel like im working my ass off. maybe i am?
i had a dream last night that i quit my job. and it makes me think... should i?
i hate suzanne. her attitude, her personality, her humor, her face, her voice, her walk, her writing, her laugh, her alergies, god i could go on FOREVER!

i want to move to oklahoma, because then i could enjoy myself, and go cow tipping.
i would go to taco bueno, eventhough i didnt like it all that much.

tech fest is thise weekend.
im excited...

so i've decided that im going to walk/run/ride a bike every night of the week.
cause i need the excercise and as mark sharrow stated in his post, im not happy with the way i look.

i bought CSI: season 1 off amazon last night oops. and i also got Go Pt. 1 & 2
and pre-ordered the new Circa Survive CD!
im really really really pumped for those boys.

this is probably the longest entry in a while.
the end.
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