ngi ne themba (feelmyola) wrote,
ngi ne themba

look it's me and hanson!

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yea yea, and other people i dont know.
Isaac wouldn't let me stand by Taylor.
and by the time i got the nerve to move
the guy was ready to take the damn pic.
they planned it, fuckers!
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I saw that picture last night when I downloaded them for a friend. I thought that was you.
hahahah it looks like i'm flipping the camera off (i was totally doing a peace sign, like i'd flip hanson off). oh tulsa.
ike is so hot
i would have done a reach-around on him if i were you!
haha yea. too bad im not an ike fan!!!!
everytime i passed taylor tho.
i would run my hand up and down his leg hahaha.