ngi ne themba (feelmyola) wrote,
ngi ne themba

this one is dedicated to one of the best.

i remember there being a time where i woke up every morning pretty much at the same time.
my body got used to it so it was all clock work.
watching mauray and jerry springer and before jerry springer was over
i would pick up the phone at 11:55 exactly, call my very best friend in the whole entire universe.
her mom would pick up the phone and say "hi, yea she's here."
then i would continue with saying "hey angie, wanna play?"
(i would later in life get made fun of for saying "wanna play" by my older cooler brother)
and i would go over to her house and we would swim from 12 to 4-445.
she would eat dinner and then i'd be back over at 6 and we'd either swim, ride bikes or play tennis in the street.
those were the good days. no regrets. no worries.
i wish i had those days back.
simple, no job, no stress, no drama.
thanks for everything =]
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