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clarke everett

i never thought i would hate someone so much.
but that day has come.
today suzanne seriously pissed me off over the edge.
first of all, she's a cunt to begin with.
second of all, this chick (one of carrie's clients) she was new too,
had a cupon for a a free haircut with any color.
the stupid little brat said that she "thought" it said
a free haircut & color. yea fucking right.

anyways, so the brat leaves. WITHOUT PAYING btw.
so im up at the desk after getting lunch from Panara
and notice this problem.
i grab suzanne who is btw, enjoying he lunch & say to her.
we have a problem it cant wait come look.
so she comes up there, i tell her the 411 and ya know what she does.
the fucking CUNT blames ME!
yea, goes to carrie and says, Pearl didnt cash out that new client of yours and she left without paying.
HOW THE FUCK WAS IT MY FAULT when SUZANNE was the one at the desk when the brat walked out of the salon!
so i started bitching in front of clients, and i KNOW suzanne heard me too.
for the rest of the day she was a bitch to me and i left.
i didnt care. i just left.

on a different note.
im really excited because Hanson is doing an acoustic album for Middle of Nowhere for their 10th year anniversery.
and im excited because taylor is doing a little something on the side that i can NOT wait for.
i know it's gonna sound just like hanson, but i dont care.
it's taylor and i love him.
and im not ashamed to admit it.
he is, music & passion. & i love it.
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