"Great Divide"


Great Divide
written & performed by: Hanson

The earth is shaking under siege
And every breath will meet its fate
Still we hunger for a moment of freedom
Even though the hour is late

I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don't see
I find hope in your hate for me

Have no fear when the waters rise
We can conquer this great divide
This great divide
When every eye is on the fortune
It can only breed contempt
They say blood is thicker than oceans
Still we box our brothers in

I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don't see
I find hope in your hate for me
Have no fear when the waters rise
We can conquer this great divide
This great divide

Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo

And we're gone, and we're gone
And we're gone, and we're gone
And we're, holding on
And we're, holding on

I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don't see
I find hope in your hate for me
Have no fear when the waters rise
We can conquer this great divide
This great divide

Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo
Whooooo, ooo, ooo, ooo oo

holy whoa [(Monday) 16th February 2009  |  11:13pm]
[ | crazy ]

its been a really long time since i wrote in this thing, i completely for it was around still.
not too much has chaged really. just a few things im looking forward to in the upcoming weeks.

1. my birthday bash on the 28th at jager castle south of hall on gratiot.
2. going to see ashlinka and spending some days with lc and her for taylor's birthday.
shopping in toronto should be fun :)
3. going to tulsa, oklahoma for the members only event and of course to hang with muh boys :)
i miss them so much im having hanson withdrawls lol.
4. and of course SUMMER i srsly am dying for windows down jamming to hanson.

sadly my birthdays dont count anymore.... 22 isnt a really fun age i guess. but im making the best of it :)
i just wish everyone i wanted there could be there :(
it will still be fun tho cause tara and kate are gonna be there :D
and of course lc!!!!!

This Great Divide

hanson in la crosse, wi [(Thursday) 10th April 2008  |  05:03am]
[ | accomplished ]

last night was the la crosse concert for hanson in WI.
totally had the best time of my life :)
did the walk, got my stamp, eventho i didnt need it lmao.
had a meet and greet, it was great!
taylor personalized my book for me. this was the convo....
taylor: do you want me to personalize this or whatever?
me: uhm yea sure why not.
taylor: okay, whats your name?
me: uh Pearl....
taylor: okay spell that for me.
me: P-....
taylor: E-A-R-L yea i know! ::looks and smiles::
me: ::smiles, and melts a bit inside lmao::
taylor was checking out my boobs fa sho!
just got into milwaukee, wi.
tomorrow is that show.
tomorrow we also follow the tour bus.
hopefully they stop at a flying j so i can play with the animal heads.
and mayyyybe have a little fun with them with hanson haha.
im sure zac will be up for it.
who btdubs. has LONG ass hair.
its late.
or early..
i need to TRY to get a bit of sleep before tomorrow's events.
cause hanson is lammmme-o
and decided to stay in la crosse tonight. idk why. ha.

okay night.
This Great Divide

so i let her lick the wraper [(Sunday) 6th April 2008  |  02:49pm]
i totally dig lil wayne.

hanson in two days :)
i'll be gone til april 16th.
and then they come to play for me on april 19th :)
gotta love those boys lol.

im so pumped for my meet and greet
eventho yes, i have met hanson NUMEROUS times.
i know this time will be extra extra special :D

ash comes in tomorrow yay.
i miss my canadian lover.
i wish i could go with lc to get her but sadly i can not.

im hungry + nationals = satisfied
i was way to drunk for words last night
i had a blast tho.
i love my bb gurl tara.

and i think i do too :)
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[(Tuesday) 18th March 2008  |  10:16am]
now i know what they mean by
welcome to the roller coaster ride.

and i know this is something love can't heal.
This Great Divide

[(Saturday) 15th March 2008  |  11:32pm]
so guess who got a meet and greet for the hanson show in lacrosse, WI?

oh yea that's right.

yay im so pumped.
eventho i've met hanson 45903280549185 times.
this time is a bit different since its all professional kinda and shit.
haha im a lame ass.

well this srsly made up for my horrible horrible week/weekend.

::sigh:: im just glad its ova!

ps. i cant wait to see my boo tomorrow :D
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wow [(Thursday) 13th March 2008  |  10:00pm]
since having no cable in my house for weeks now
i am even more addicted to the internet.
i check the same damn sites over and over and over and over again.
like clock work srsly.
yahoo mail
my lj friends list
(and the occasional)
capital one
pay pal
lasalle bank

and then i got back to
lj friends list.

and so on.

i rarely post anymore i feel like.
so i will let you guys know whats going on in my life as of now.

im hella sick.
idk what i have
strep, mono, pregnant? lol srsly idk.
i got fired from my salon job
cause they hired a fat piece of shit
srsly, fat, she doesnt even fit in the damn receptionist chair.
they fired me over tara.... even though i have more seniority.
but im okay with it now fa sho..
because now that im hella sick i wouldnt have been in all week.

hanson is approaching oh so soon
i srsly cant wait for that.
ugh! its gonna be a great vaca fa sho!!!

i think tony and i plan on going to TN in september/november area.
so im wayy to excited for that shit.

dear taylor hanson,
happy 25th tomorrow.

who also btw has one of the most precious children bb gurls in the world!!!!
ladies and gentz
Penelope Anne Hanson :)

god i love that little girl SO FRIGGEN CUTE!
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Hanson hanson! [(Friday) 7th March 2008  |  06:31pm]
get dat caysh betch.

hanson in a few more weeks.
on the road with two of my favorites :)
fuckin a so pumped!!!!!!!

work can kiss my fucking ass.
tara and i decided that we're going to leave MI
wanna know where we plan on living
(together i might add :D)
yes, yes that's right.

we're just gonna pick up and go.
not even tell anyone when we plan on leaving.
just fucking do it.
and we're gonna make love for a week straight.

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they say its your birthday [(Thursday) 28th February 2008  |  12:42am]
well it's my bithday to oo!!!!!!

21 :)

no more asking people to get me alcohol.
woo hoo.

aw seth green!!!!!!
i love seth green!
This Great Divide

party time, excellent. [(Monday) 11th February 2008  |  12:20am]
my bday is in 17 days.
im way excited! on february 23rd
tony and i are throwing a combined party for his bday, my bday, and kush's bday.
so if any of you want to come please contact me on AIM (itz pnel).

its gonna be really weird being 21 and going, and getting into anything and everything now.
i personally wish i could stay at age 19. that was probably my favorite age to be, thus far.

way pumped for the walk tour second leg!
can't wait to get back on the road
sleeping outside with friends <3
laughing until the wee hours of the night.
show night after night after night ! :D

i can't wait for birthday cake either :-D
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happy new year everyone! [(Tuesday) 1st January 2008  |  10:40am]
[ | awake ]

so srsly.
im glad 07 is ova!

08 will be much better fo sho!

Hanson tour
sleeping outside
seeing Hanson night after night.
hanging with my fanson friends :)
getting my cosmetology license
Christine & Jamie's weddings :)
saving money
new york city for 09 !

there's gonna be a lootttt.

i had a blast last night.
tila looked oh so cute in her midnight dress.
dani was rockin' <3 her :D
sad that i didnt get to go to megan and steve's
but i still had the time of my life.

Welcome 2008.
This Great Divide

[(Friday) 21st December 2007  |  10:14pm]
this broken heart can't be fixed
This Great Divide

[(Sunday) 16th December 2007  |  04:17am]
i fucking hate waiting.
im done with the waiting situation.
its fucking gay.

call maybe? yea idk.
This Great Divide

[(Tuesday) 11th December 2007  |  11:51pm]
[ | cheerful ]

i just have to say to the lj world,
that i am so in love with a boy
and i dont care who knows it.
i bet you dont know who it is!!!!!!!

<3 :-D
This Great Divide

change in my life [(Monday) 10th December 2007  |  02:18pm]
[ | aggravated ]

i've been lonely
i've been cheated
i've been missunderstood
i've been washed up, put down, and told im no good.
This Great Divide

hanson in buffalo. [(Sunday) 2nd December 2007  |  05:02am]
[ | thankful ]

just a quick update from ash's place.

- getting to buffalo at 2 am
- sleeping in a 2 person tent with three people
- getting vanilla cappichinos at 6am because it was so damn cold.
- waking up and noticing snow on our tent
- taking the walk with hanson and having taylor talk to tara
- getting wrist bands
- line drama as usual.
- freezing trying to get inside.
- the show.

the show was fucking amazing tonight.
they played run rudolph run
isaac messed it up but oh well.
i got so excited durring HEY that i flung my glasses halfway across front row. nice one eh.

on the way back we got stuck in the snow.
had to have some guys help us get out.
then some other dude was stuck in the snow.
so we payed it forward.
a ride that shouold've taken us 2 hours took us 5 because of the damn fucking snow lol.
tomorrow the weather seems pretty decent in toronto so we're heading out early for that show.
and then we're debating on hamilton for monday still.
that totally depends on the weather and whether.
just to make sure that we can make it home on time for me to work on tuesday.
if hamilton is a no go we're coming home after the toronto show tomorrow night.

off to bed.
This Great Divide

[(Monday) 26th November 2007  |  07:06pm]
super pissed cause i now can not go to see Hanson like previously planned!
i have no money =( and im super sad.
i was going to get a gift card to babies-r-us for zac and kate since they are expecting.
and i was also going to get a card to put it in.
i thought it would be a good idea to give it to him personally. but seeing as now i cant afford to go.
i cant give him the gift that i wanted to =(

but i am happy that he's gonna have a little baby!!!!!

/end of rant
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we've been here before will it ever stop. [(Tuesday) 20th November 2007  |  11:17pm]
tony and i just got back from st. louis on wednesday of last week.
seeing hanson with tony was totally cool.
it was one of the best experiences that i have had in a very very long time!

and i am leaving for buffalo, new york next weekend to see my hanson boys again =D
saturday - buffalo
sunday - toronto
monday - hamilton

i am so pumped to spend time with lindsey and ash and everyone!
ugh i love traveling to see these damn boys.

this is why gni ne themba (i find, and HAVE hope)Collapse )
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[(Thursday) 8th November 2007  |  12:23am]
leaving for st. louis on monday to see my lovely lovely boys =D
tony is coming with me this time. im really happy about that!!!
im excited to share that experience with him =D

im just not so excited about driving there but whatev!
im kinda scared cause i dont wanna get lost.
with lindsey with me though, i know i wont, she's great with directions.

have to get my brakes fixed before monday! opps.

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[(Thursday) 4th October 2007  |  12:11am]
[ | blah ]

hey there lj world!
it's been quite some time since i wrote here last.
and i find myself saying that over and over again lol.
so here's whats going on in the world of pearl if anyone cares

still working at the hair salon.
still hating suzanne, who btw, told christine an awful story!
(Ang this one you will enjoy so hit me up and i'll tell it to ya)

getting ready for my annual halloween party.
i know some people are confused on the date.
as of right now the date is october 20th.
i have mrs. emily's party on the 27th.
so please, if you know you are invited, mark the CORRECT date on your calendars.
and if you are wondering if you are invited, chances are you arent.
i dont want ass holes there who steal cameras.

oh btw my digital camera got stolen
yea not cool. but im over it.

my lovely mother is coming home from mexico this month
yay!, but her and my father are leaving for FL (5 weeks!)
which leaves me to attend to their house and my lovely kitties!

lulla belle is a doll as always.
i saw her today which made me very very happy!

my parents are re-doing the bathroom,
which is looking pretty damn good as of now.

i think i might want to see kirsten soon.
so bitch. call me.
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let me formally introduce baby chloe jean martin! [(Sunday) 2nd September 2007  |  01:25pm]
baby chloe jean martinCollapse )
This Great Divide

GUESS WHAT EVERYONE! [(Friday) 31st August 2007  |  02:05am]
[ | excited ]


i am so excited to see baby chloe!
and i have the day off of work tomorrow so i think im gonna pay a visit to miss jamie and baby chloe!!!!
yay! =D jamie says im just as excited as her and dan are lol.
i believe it!

yay bb chloe!
This Great Divide

[(Sunday) 12th August 2007  |  01:09pm]
[ | awake ]

change of plans for Hanson
instead of going to Chicago we're going to Cleveland and Georgia.
fucking Sunday Chicago show is sold out. ass holes.
and i cant go to the Saturday one cause by the time i get out of work the show will be started and half over by then lmao.
but regardless i am so pumped.
i think this year is the most Hanson shows i've been to in the whole ten years of Hanson.

i've been thinking about certain things lately and it makes me wonder about my relationships.

i am so excited to see miss chloe jean martian.
she's gonna be such a cutie pie!!!
so pumped for that the most right now =D
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an update for lj land [(Thursday) 9th August 2007  |  02:37pm]
[ | rushed ]

well i have been moved out for about a week now.
im still trying to get my things situated though.
it's nice to come home to quite (most of the time) and just hang out with pals til whenever.
i didnt bring lulla belle or mackenzie yet tho =[
i know they miss me cause when i go back to my PARENTS house they're all over me haha.
once we get rid or dikota i will be bringing the girls over here to stay.

we still have a bunch of stuff we wanna do like paint.
but as of now we're just getting used to the fact that it's our house.

i like being on my own so far lmao.
i know it's gonna be a bit hard cause of the bills and what not.

other than moving i've been working.

im going to chicago at the end of next month to see hanson
and i will also be going to ATL to see them in october.
so im excited cause i get to see my favorite tour girls ever!
ATL should be a hella good time. we're flying to FL i believe and then going with lauren (aka wawa) to georgia (you know that you've been on my mind!).

alright off to work to make the money to pay the bills.
text me anyone cause im sure i will be bored.
holla <3
This Great Divide

HANSON [(Tuesday) 31st July 2007  |  09:48am]
clicky clackCollapse )
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and already it's been a trip to remember. [(Tuesday) 24th July 2007  |  01:50pm]
[ | pumped ]

as of right now there are about 9 people in this hotel room lol.

here's how my trip has gone thus far.
we (ash, lindsey & i) drove to cleveland to meet with juls.
it takes about 3 hrs to get there. we made it in 2.
i was doing like 90-95 on the expressway.

from cleveland we stopped at the air port to pick up mu new friend Shay.
and then from there we headed out on the road again.

we made it to NYC in like 9 hours.
since we didnt have a hotel monday night we spent the night on the streets of times square.
i kid you not. along with 30 other people.
we waited in line at virgin mega store for them to open at 9am.
we were sitting outside on a tarp from 1030pm-9am the next day
yea there are a TON of crazy ass people in times square at night.
and im not talking about the bums and what not.
totally drunk ass mofos.
there was a creepy french guy.
a group of kids that were break dance fighting.
three scottish guys that were fucking hilarious.
i got many videos of them lol.

after all that jazz.
they FINALLY opened the friggen mega store.

for those of you who dont know
we were waiting in line because Hanson's album came out today, well last night at 12pm
but if you were to get the cd this morning they would give you wrist bands for thier special performance and autograph signing they are having tonight at 7.
needless to say i was like 5th in line or so.

they opened the store and i got my wrist band and cd.
after that we headed to some other building where Hanson was performing on fox 2.
we couldnt hear or see much of that.
we waited for them to come outside of the building to get pics of them.

and i did better than get pics of them.
i got pics WITH them.
and just me, taylor, me, ike, and me, and zac
the pics came out super well.
considering the fact that i hadnt showered in more than a day and my hair was a friggen mess and greasy as shit.
zac was the nicest (of course) and then came ike and then tay.
but taylor looked AMAZING in the pics that i got of him, and the one of me and him.

now im waiting for juls to wake up to head back to nyc since we're staying in new jersey since it is cheaper.
all the other girls left. and went out to lunch and what not.

and now i wait for the autograph signing and tomorrow is the show! i am SO SUPER pumped!!!!!
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[(Sunday) 22nd July 2007  |  07:51pm]
last night was the craziest night of my entire life.
i basically have the most amazing friends ever.
we're down for life.

im leaving for new york tomorrow.
wont be back until friday or so.

i know how harry potter ends.

i love captian's
my friends
hot tubs
pot & pepsi

text me while im gone plz.
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whatcha whatcha whatcha whatcha whatcha whatcha doin tonight!?!?! [(Friday) 20th July 2007  |  12:02am]
[ | loved ]

today was a good day eventhough i had to work =[
today is mine and tony's one year!
wow! i cant believe it's been a friggen year already!

i woke up early this morning and i went to his house after he got out of work at lik 10.
we then watched a BUNCH of csi episodes.
went out for lunch and took a nap before i had to head into work.


after work i went back to his house and he took me out to applebees.
it was delicious =D
then we just hung out.
it was very nice =D

on a different note.
i want to see the following movies:
harry potter.
the simpsons movie.
that new one with adam sandler.
and a few others.

hanson in two days =D
This Great Divide

[(Monday) 16th July 2007  |  12:47pm]
[ | pleased ]

hanson + new york + tulsa crew minus one = IN ONE WEEK!!!

i am SO pumped for hanson and new york.
i know i always update about this
but seriously i am way too pumped.

except. im sad cause i wont be able to go see the simpsons movie with my friends =[
i'll be gone still and im super sad about that!

so hanson better make up for it,
and im sure they will.

yay ny.

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[(Friday) 13th July 2007  |  12:25am]
[ | annoyed ]

isnt itfunny how things can just make a complete 360 in life.

it's okay for you to do these things but when someone else (aka me) "does" it, god forbid, the world is over!
no one will hear anything out of me because im not like that.

im not an "at your convenience" kind of person.
just so that's clear.

im so happy for ang cause she is finally moving on with her life!
way to go ang!!!!!

im leaving for new york monday (the 23rd) night =]
first im driving to ohio to meet up with juls =D
i miss her so so much!!!
i think it's me and lindsey alone. but not too sure.
reguarless its gonna be a friggen good ass hanson time =D

from ohio we're going to NYC!
we're staying at a beach house (last time i checked)
which is good cause that's less money on a hotel.
i have my ticket and im good to go!


im FINALLY moving out at the end of this month.
im wayy to excited about that.
but until then

im stuck at home and working with liz & suzanne the two biggest fakest people bitches i know.
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[(Monday) 9th July 2007  |  05:21pm]
i hate suzanne (one of my bosses) more than ever!
she is so contradicting. it's REDICULOUS!

one of theses days im going to find out where she lives and fuck up her shit.
This Great Divide

[(Sunday) 1st July 2007  |  01:50am]
being drunk isd the coollest thjing ever!
obviposly im drunk since i cant spell!!!

so i love= hanson!
thewy are the greatedegt ever!

everytone go to my journal because i want Hanson to write a song abouy me!!!
please go there and click my banner two entries after this one!!!1
i will love you all forever and ever!
plus it would for sure make my year and my life.
or ayt least let me win meet and ghreet@!!!

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[(Sunday) 24th June 2007  |  01:15pm]
everyone should go to my lj and click my banner underneath this entry because you love me and you want Hanson to write a song about me =]

please and thank you!
This Great Divide

hey please do this for me! [(Friday) 22nd June 2007  |  01:41pm]
it would be my dream to have a song written about me by Hanson.
Make it happen for me kids!!!!
all you have to do is click this banner!

Hanson wants to write a song just for Pearl Feola!
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Hanson Family Vanues [(Thursday) 21st June 2007  |  10:02am]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Zac & Kate are by FAR my favorite couple!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

& Everette for sure has Nikki's nose ha.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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[(Friday) 15th June 2007  |  10:41am]
things i'm looking forward to:
1. my CSI season 1 box set. (still waiting!!!)
2. Hanson in NYC July 24-26 :D
3. hanging with Juls, Ash, Lindsey again.
love love love my hanson friends =]
4. moving out within the next few weeks =]
5. summer time to be over
6. kirsten's grad party this sunday =]
7. lots and lots of tennis
8. tour time in september!
9. a house of my own.
10. parties this summer
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one more night in hollywood [(Tuesday) 12th June 2007  |  03:47pm]
[ | calm ]

so i've been pretty proud of myself lately lol.
i've gone running & played tennis two days in a row now.
today will make it three =]
im glad that i like to run and play tennis cause  ang is the only other person i know that likes to do that too and it's good cause i get to see her a lot more that means =D

so liz is not working today =]
and suzanne wont be in at all tomorrow =D
how did we get so lucky you ask?
beats me, but i'm lovin it.

work gave me a .50 cent raise after they thought i was going to quit lol.
so that's cool cause .50 cents is better than nothing i guess.

moving out in less then a month so pumped.
me and tony are going to paint sweet colors.

i got my new phone and sold my sidekick to lindsey.
im sure she's having a blast with that lol.
but i absolutely love love love my new phone
it's cute, small, and friggen loud which is good.
&&&& i can make my own ringtones, loving that.

This Great Divide

lindsey! [(Saturday) 9th June 2007  |  01:51pm]
here's the phone im getting.
like i said. it's kinda lame lol.
but whatever!
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i've been erased [(Monday) 4th June 2007  |  12:17pm]
[ | drained ]

last night i stayed up until four am trying to fall asleep.
i thought about a ton of things too.
childhood, high school, middle school, old friends, new friends, friends to be made, choices to be made, choices made, life, lack there of life, music, etc.

i had a lot of time to think.

and then i woke up this morning in a horrible mood that carried on through out the day.
and i thought some more while i was folding towels at work.
i thought, wow, is this how im going to spend my summer.
folding towels, waiting for something exciting to happen?

it was depressing actually.
then everything i've done up to that point felt wrong.
but a good wrong... like, hey here's something i know i would never do.
and i did it, and if felt good.
in an akward way though.

and if you are trying to figure out what im saying.
well then that makes two of us.

i miss it, not gonna lie.
i miss the freedom, the happieness, the feeling of not caring.
but who doesn't? everyone needs a little boost here and there.

so here's what i know.
i know
being around most people makes me feel good.
laughing makes me happy.
music is my drug.
paris hilton & lindsey lohen make me sick.
everything is overrated.
people need to love themselves before they let others love them.
life is too complicated to settle for okay.

i wish i was more spontaneous.
i wish i had more courage to say.
hey fuck this im leaving to travel and who know's when i'll be back.
but whatever i find on my way, will be 65216854 time better than what's here for me.
i wish a lot of things.
and now, i guess im done with wishing.
This Great Divide

this sorta thing gets you out of mind right before. [(Saturday) 2nd June 2007  |  11:30pm]
idk who you're trying to impress with your so called "cool" lingo.
you're not even worth giving a sneek-peek.
you go around like you're all big and bad.
but you aren't, and i know you know it too.
which is why you are the way you are.
insecure & lame.

rain makes me calm.
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[(Tuesday) 29th May 2007  |  02:47pm]
it breaks my heart.

and all i want is csi
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christine is washing her hair. [(Tuesday) 22nd May 2007  |  06:30pm]
i have a bad feeling in my stomach.
and it makes me kind of worried.

i've been working my ass of lately, but it's weird cause i've been working just the same hours as usual. i just feel like im working my ass off. maybe i am?
i had a dream last night that i quit my job. and it makes me think... should i?
i hate suzanne. her attitude, her personality, her humor, her face, her voice, her walk, her writing, her laugh, her alergies, god i could go on FOREVER!

i want to move to oklahoma, because then i could enjoy myself, and go cow tipping.
i would go to taco bueno, eventhough i didnt like it all that much.

tech fest is thise weekend.
im excited...

so i've decided that im going to walk/run/ride a bike every night of the week.
cause i need the excercise and as mark sharrow stated in his post, im not happy with the way i look.

i bought CSI: season 1 off amazon last night oops. and i also got Go Pt. 1 & 2
and pre-ordered the new Circa Survive CD!
im really really really pumped for those boys.

this is probably the longest entry in a while.
the end.
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[(Tuesday) 15th May 2007  |  12:14pm]
im moving away in a few months.
& then what are you going to do

look it's me and hanson! [(Thursday) 10th May 2007  |  12:22pm]
short people in frontCollapse )
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[(Tuesday) 8th May 2007  |  02:36pm]
back from Tulsa.
it was a blast.
loved who i went with.
so many good memories =]
10 years of being a hanson fan is no where near depressing haha.
got to hug taylor! yay!
pics to come soon =]

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i find hope! [(Friday) 4th May 2007  |  12:59am]
[ | busy ]


so here's the 411.
today at 2 pm, lindsey, juls, and i were supposed to be on our way to tulsa.
well juls was just like thirty minutes away from lindseys house and something came up from under a truck and smashed her windshield!
so she called lindsey to tell her that we werent going to tulsa.
so her and i tried and called pretty much every rental car place in the area and tried to get a rental car.
guess what.
no luck.

so a few hours went by and we just decided to go back to our lives and try to figure out this mess.
to make a very very very long story short.
we're still going!!!!!
thank god!
i was so upset that we werent gonna be able to go it was horrible!
but we're now leaving tomorrow morning asap after juls gets her windshield fixed and we'll be on our way to TULSA!

so once again...
in one piece!

ps. night at the museum was a cute and funny movie.
i recommend.
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[(Tuesday) 24th April 2007  |  12:52am]
carrie had a party for her hubby marc this past weekend. she did a lot of drinking and a bit of dancing.Collapse )
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this one is dedicated to one of the best. [(Friday) 13th April 2007  |  09:50am]
i remember there being a time where i woke up every morning pretty much at the same time.
my body got used to it so it was all clock work.
watching mauray and jerry springer and before jerry springer was over
i would pick up the phone at 11:55 exactly, call my very best friend in the whole entire universe.
her mom would pick up the phone and say "hi, yea she's here."
then i would continue with saying "hey angie, wanna play?"
(i would later in life get made fun of for saying "wanna play" by my older cooler brother)
and i would go over to her house and we would swim from 12 to 4-445.
she would eat dinner and then i'd be back over at 6 and we'd either swim, ride bikes or play tennis in the street.
those were the good days. no regrets. no worries.
i wish i had those days back.
simple, no job, no stress, no drama.
thanks for everything =]
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clarke everett [(Saturday) 7th April 2007  |  08:06pm]
[ | tired of the bullshit kthnxbye ]

i never thought i would hate someone so much.
but that day has come.
today suzanne seriously pissed me off over the edge.
first of all, she's a cunt to begin with.
second of all, this chick (one of carrie's clients) she was new too,
had a cupon for a a free haircut with any color.
the stupid little brat said that she "thought" it said
a free haircut & color. yea fucking right.

anyways, so the brat leaves. WITHOUT PAYING btw.
so im up at the desk after getting lunch from Panara
and notice this problem.
i grab suzanne who is btw, enjoying he lunch & say to her.
we have a problem it cant wait come look.
so she comes up there, i tell her the 411 and ya know what she does.
the fucking CUNT blames ME!
yea, goes to carrie and says, Pearl didnt cash out that new client of yours and she left without paying.
HOW THE FUCK WAS IT MY FAULT when SUZANNE was the one at the desk when the brat walked out of the salon!
so i started bitching in front of clients, and i KNOW suzanne heard me too.
for the rest of the day she was a bitch to me and i left.
i didnt care. i just left.

on a different note.
im really excited because Hanson is doing an acoustic album for Middle of Nowhere for their 10th year anniversery.
and im excited because taylor is doing a little something on the side that i can NOT wait for.
i know it's gonna sound just like hanson, but i dont care.
it's taylor and i love him.
and im not ashamed to admit it.
he is, music & passion. & i love it.
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you cant leave with 'em, you cant live without 'em [(Thursday) 29th March 2007  |  12:34am]
i have so many emotions/thoughts running through my head right now.
things are great one day and then the next day i dont even know where to begin my life.
i have come to realize a lot tho.
and some things are just better left unsaid and unfinished for a reason.

its sad to know what you had when you were yonger was just for shits.
and now things are for real and you cant help but hate it.
i have seen many people come and go in this life, and it sucks.

sometimes i wish i was still a child
just to have that innocence and security

today i saw a dog with 3 legs and it made me really sad.
but then i thought, wow, this dog is probably with a family that loves it.
and then i didnt feel so sad for it anymore.

you need people that care about you in life.
that's the bottom line.

if i could go back in time and do things differently.
i would.
but i cant.
and it kills me.

i really wish i had my brother home right now
just to help me through the rough times
i just need a little advice here & there.
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the wicked witch is gone! [(Monday) 26th March 2007  |  02:27pm]
when the rain starts falling.
gonna drown before we get our feet wet.

being home alone is like being a kid again.
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Name: Pearl
Age: 20
Birth Date: Feb. 28, 1987
Birth Place: Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico
Location: Warren, Michigan
Bands: Hanson & others.
Instruments: Flute & Piano
Relationships: Tony <3
Height: 5'1
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Tattoos: Hanson symbol (left wrist)
Piercings: Ears & Monroe

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