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hanson in la crosse, wi

last night was the la crosse concert for hanson in WI.
totally had the best time of my life :)
did the walk, got my stamp, eventho i didnt need it lmao.
had a meet and greet, it was great!
taylor personalized my book for me. this was the convo....
taylor: do you want me to personalize this or whatever?
me: uhm yea sure why not.
taylor: okay, whats your name?
me: uh Pearl....
taylor: okay spell that for me.
me: P-....
taylor: E-A-R-L yea i know! ::looks and smiles::
me: ::smiles, and melts a bit inside lmao::
taylor was checking out my boobs fa sho!
just got into milwaukee, wi.
tomorrow is that show.
tomorrow we also follow the tour bus.
hopefully they stop at a flying j so i can play with the animal heads.
and mayyyybe have a little fun with them with hanson haha.
im sure zac will be up for it.
who btdubs. has LONG ass hair.
its late.
or early..
i need to TRY to get a bit of sleep before tomorrow's events.
cause hanson is lammmme-o
and decided to stay in la crosse tonight. idk why. ha.

okay night.
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