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hanson in buffalo.

just a quick update from ash's place.

- getting to buffalo at 2 am
- sleeping in a 2 person tent with three people
- getting vanilla cappichinos at 6am because it was so damn cold.
- waking up and noticing snow on our tent
- taking the walk with hanson and having taylor talk to tara
- getting wrist bands
- line drama as usual.
- freezing trying to get inside.
- the show.

the show was fucking amazing tonight.
they played run rudolph run
isaac messed it up but oh well.
i got so excited durring HEY that i flung my glasses halfway across front row. nice one eh.

on the way back we got stuck in the snow.
had to have some guys help us get out.
then some other dude was stuck in the snow.
so we payed it forward.
a ride that shouold've taken us 2 hours took us 5 because of the damn fucking snow lol.
tomorrow the weather seems pretty decent in toronto so we're heading out early for that show.
and then we're debating on hamilton for monday still.
that totally depends on the weather and whether.
just to make sure that we can make it home on time for me to work on tuesday.
if hamilton is a no go we're coming home after the toronto show tomorrow night.

off to bed.
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