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hey there lj world!
it's been quite some time since i wrote here last.
and i find myself saying that over and over again lol.
so here's whats going on in the world of pearl if anyone cares

still working at the hair salon.
still hating suzanne, who btw, told christine an awful story!
(Ang this one you will enjoy so hit me up and i'll tell it to ya)

getting ready for my annual halloween party.
i know some people are confused on the date.
as of right now the date is october 20th.
i have mrs. emily's party on the 27th.
so please, if you know you are invited, mark the CORRECT date on your calendars.
and if you are wondering if you are invited, chances are you arent.
i dont want ass holes there who steal cameras.

oh btw my digital camera got stolen
yea not cool. but im over it.

my lovely mother is coming home from mexico this month
yay!, but her and my father are leaving for FL (5 weeks!)
which leaves me to attend to their house and my lovely kitties!

lulla belle is a doll as always.
i saw her today which made me very very happy!

my parents are re-doing the bathroom,
which is looking pretty damn good as of now.

i think i might want to see kirsten soon.
so bitch. call me.
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