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whatcha whatcha whatcha whatcha whatcha whatcha doin tonight!?!?!

today was a good day eventhough i had to work =[
today is mine and tony's one year!
wow! i cant believe it's been a friggen year already!

i woke up early this morning and i went to his house after he got out of work at lik 10.
we then watched a BUNCH of csi episodes.
went out for lunch and took a nap before i had to head into work.


after work i went back to his house and he took me out to applebees.
it was delicious =D
then we just hung out.
it was very nice =D

on a different note.
i want to see the following movies:
harry potter.
the simpsons movie.
that new one with adam sandler.
and a few others.

hanson in two days =D
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