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i find hope!

so here's the 411.
today at 2 pm, lindsey, juls, and i were supposed to be on our way to tulsa.
well juls was just like thirty minutes away from lindseys house and something came up from under a truck and smashed her windshield!
so she called lindsey to tell her that we werent going to tulsa.
so her and i tried and called pretty much every rental car place in the area and tried to get a rental car.
guess what.
no luck.

so a few hours went by and we just decided to go back to our lives and try to figure out this mess.
to make a very very very long story short.
we're still going!!!!!
thank god!
i was so upset that we werent gonna be able to go it was horrible!
but we're now leaving tomorrow morning asap after juls gets her windshield fixed and we'll be on our way to TULSA!

so once again...
in one piece!

ps. night at the museum was a cute and funny movie.
i recommend.
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